Cloud Computing & Virtualisation

{Tech} is constantly evolving and the global pandemic has added fuel to this fire. Let your business benefit from the efficiencies technology offers and ensure that it is implemented in a compliant and safe fashion.

Case Study

A manufacturing firm with little IT infrastructure needing to protect critical data (previously lost due to hardware failure) at the same time as implementing virtual teams and client communication through the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Background

When Covid-19 hit the world businesses faced an immediate need to adapt. Lockdowns saw the growth of Teams and Zoom meetings with more and more employees working remotely.

Our client is a private investment company who needed to replace an existing internal server network at the same time as implementing virtual teams and remote meetings for their clients.

The situation was compounded by the legacy server being lost (prior to us working with them) without a backup.

How We Helped

We have worked virtually for over 10 years and have used both the Microsoft and Google solutions along with the less well-known alternatives extensively. For a cloud solution the Microsoft Azzure platform and Amazon Web Services are a good starting point.

Our preference for most businesses, in terms of virtual teams, is the Microsoft 365 solution as it offers seamless integration between commonly used software at a corporate level.

This is exactly the solution we implemented although for the client communications we also added the Zoom plugin to give their clients an additional choice. We were able to also recover some of the lost data on the old server through one of our data recovery partners and moving forward have put in place a cloud server to enable secure and recoverable data storage.


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