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Online security is critical, yet many businesses do not have a comprehensive strategy until things go wrong. We can help, quickly, fire fight problems and assist you in avoiding common problems.

Case Study

A {tech} compromise with a ransom attempt including ICO management.

The Background

Data compromise and system obstruction are two growth massive areas for illegal hackers. The last 12 months has seen numerous high profiles incidents often with ransom demands running into the millions of dollars.

We have also seen an increase in denial of service (DOS) attacks as with more secure systems a hacker is able to overload a system if it cannot be penetrated.

We were approached by a company who had been attacked and some data had been compromised. They had been contacted by the hackers who had made a ransom demand.

How We Helped

We helped the company in two main areas.

Firstly, and as a priority, we guided them through what to do in terms of the processes including reporting the data breach promptly to the ICO. We were also on hand to advise on how they should communicate with the hackers during the ransom demands. As a {tech} company who has unfortunately seen a number of similar incidents we were able to offer some calm guidance to the company during an extremely stressful time.

The second step was to work with the company to ensure that a future attack would not be possible and put in procedures to minimise this possibility.

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