Ecommerce Strategy Consulting

Open your business to 24 * 7 transactions but ensure you start, and remain, on the right path. Our {tech} consultants have real world experience of transacting with secure, high volume and high value transactions in multiple currencies.

We are experienced in all aspect of ecommerce including order fulfilment, shipping, API integrations and the wider customer experience.

Case Study

A start-up retail business transacting on both a single and subscription model. Utilising a bespoke website solution with multiple third-party systems (payment, stock, fulfilment).

The Background

Our client is a venture capital funded start-up in the food and drink market. They had a basic website, primarily used during the prelaunch period, but had not yet developed an ecommerce strategy.

Importantly they understood what they wanted to offer but they were unsure how this could be technically implemented and had not yet explored the different systems that would be needed in terms of payments, stock management and fulfilment.

How We Helped

We worked with our client to develop a stunning bespoke website offering secure payments on both a one-off and subscription basis. We used a payment solution that offers PCI compliant payments and for subscription businesses the choice is more limited than simple one-off payments.

Post customer transaction we suggested several different stock management systems that could be integrated into the website to enable a small team to then manage sales and inventory easily.

As a new business we had the advantage of no legacy processes, and this was also beneficial in terms of managing the order fulfilment integrating directly with a dispatch partner to avoid duplicate internal processes.

Longer term as the business scales the objective is to outsource the warehouse functions, using systems that have already worked effectively, which will allow the inhouse team to focus on growing the business through marketing activity rather than focusing on operational processes.

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