Systems Development & API Integration

Software develop is commonly a disappointment and can be a costly mistake. Developing systems and integrating different APIs, often from multiple suppliers, can be a mine field yet offers opportunity to grow quicker, more profitably and often with cost savings.

With over 20 years experience of software development and API integrations let us help you succeed.

Case Study

A facilities management business with proprietary hardware. We developed a secure online dashboard with multiple categories of different users. We used mobile feeds with the hardware to enable both push and pull data flow.

The Background

Our client is a small business who has developed a system allowing management of employee time. Whilst the system works well it did not have a user-friendly interface to present the data from the system or allow reporting against the data in a flexible way.

How We Helped

We worked with the systems developers on a protocol to exchange data between a web-based system and the hardware in both directions and then with the business owner to understand what the clients wanted from the data.

After this we set out to build a new web-based solution with several different levels of access and due to the size of the project split the development into 3 distinct phases. This allowed the cost to be spread but importantly the clients to see progress and contribute to subsequent stages of the development.

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