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Your online presence sets the tone for your business in todays virtual world. Yet companies often overlook the wider online marketing strategy and are then disappointed with returns generated from website activities.

Let our experts suggest opportunities and show how you can improve. We will help you understand the constantly changing online world and how you can profit from new opportunities.

Case Study

A renewable energy business focused on lead generation (with an existing CRM) implementing an online strategy utilising organic search, social media, and cost per click marketing.

The Background

We were approached by a privately owned renewables energy business based in the South-West of England, covering the UK. The focus was purely on lead generation as the service could not be transacted online.

They had achieved limited success but had succeeded in using paid search to generate lead flow.

How We Helped

Using the Why {Tech} How methodology we reviewed the current online activities and analysed the data from the last 2 years to understand exactly where the business was currently positioned. After this it became clear that whilst results were being generated the cost of these results could be greatly improved.

The existing website was limited in terms of content management, so we took the existing design and created a new “refreshed” design but structurally allowing more content and social interaction. We put in place a new strategy incorporating paid search but also organic search, content marketing (words & video) and social media.

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