{Tech} = Business Strategy

Technology and business strategy should be viewed together as effective use of {tech} enables businesses to succeed. We can help you understand technology opportunities and how your {tech} strategy can be aligned with your business goals.

Importantly our technology consultants are “do-ers” rather than “talk-ers” yet we speak plain English and won’t bamboozle you with jargon.

Case Study

A large, successful, financial services business but with limited {tech} adoption needing to position for the future. Specifically in terms of changing customer behaviour combined with a younger demographic.

The Background

Our client is a long-established financial services company based on London with around 150 employees. They have an internal IT department along with a small marketing team but limited web specialists.

They engaged with us to explore how their online strategy could be improved.

How We Helped

Initially we created several campaign-based microsites to demonstrate some short-term improvements to the online side of the business.

After this we then started a project to create a new website working with several different business areas. Following the Why {Tech} How methodology we took some unique aspects of what had made the business successful offline and wove this into the new online strategy.

Alongside the new website we developed a strategy for increasing the return from online activities measuring success on new leads, offline clients who became online clients and new subscriptions invested into accounts.

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